Since 2014

About me

my name is reece coscolin also known as little reece, I am a young creative with a passion in photography, videography and design. i have made many things in the past couple years and i couldn’t be any happier.

my journey

I am 18 years of age born in England and Raised in Spain for 10 years, I moved to Canada about 6 years ago, and been loving it since. The reason I got into photography is because I used to be an artist, loved drawing and wanted to take art in a whole new level, so I took it into photography.

When I started photography many of my close friends didn’t not want to take pictures, I remember one of them saying that I wasn’t good to take pictures of him and that once I got better taking pictures he will take pictures with me. I did indeed stop photography for a couple months because of that, but I kept pushing my self and making my self better and met an amazing friend who helped me where I am now, 80purppp, my best friend and my brother, truly the best. 


I now own a brand named Tokiah, which means “A life path” It is my clothing brand/Creative Production.